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Planting of Staverton’s Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee Tree

Saturday morning of 22nd January saw the planting of the Staverton Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee Tree. The tree is a Carpinus Betulus ‘Frans Fontain’ otherwise known as a (Horn Beam) and was planted on the Braunston Lane triangle. The Parish celebrities chosen for the planting were, Ethel Shaw who has lived in the Parish for 72 years and is also believed to be our oldest resident, and Jessica Eborall who is our youngest Parishioner and pupil who attends the Staverton School in Reception year.  It is envisaged that the tree will play an important part in the forthcoming Jubilee celebrations planned for the Summer.

How the tree with look:

Images from the day:

Summer reading challenge 2021 – Children/Adults

Every year Northamptonshire Libraries deliver the Summer Reading Challenge, which challenges children to read 6 books during the summer holidays. It has been proven that children who don’t continue reading during the summer have a lower reading age when they return to school in September than that before the summer.

You can find out more about the challenge on our webpage: or on our facebook page:

There is also an adult reading challenge this year called Fully Booked, this will run for 6 months, from the 10th July, Full information about this, and the companion podcast, can be found at