The Staverton Relief in Need Charity

churchyardThe Staverton Relief in Need Charity is made up of four bequests, one made to the Ecclesiastical Parish of St. Mary the Virgin known as The Charity of Miss Anne Goodman, and three bequests to the Ancient Parish of Staverton called The Charity of Thomas Grooby, The Charity known as the Poor’s Land and the Charity of Charles Wildegoose.

In the 1970’s the Charity Commission had a drive to regulate and ensure that small charities such as these were using the money that they generated in the appropriate manner, and the Charities Act of 1960 required accounts to be submitted to them for scrutinisation.
As all four of these Charities had the same purpose in mind – to give help to anyone in the Parish who fell on hard times – it was decided to join them under the name of Staverton Relief in Need.

This charity was formalised and officially and taken under the wing of the Charity Commission on 5th of December 1975.

Accounts 2017 – 18