Staverton Parish Council Meeting – 5th March 2019 – Draft Minutes

Please note that the following minutes are DRAFT only.

Under the Transparency Regulations, draft minutes should be published 

as soon after the meeting as practicable.

The approval of these minutes (and any relevant alterations) will take place at

the following Parish Council meeting, held on the first Tuesday of each month.


Minutes of the Meeting of Staverton Parish Council


Tuesday 5th March 2019

Staverton Village Hall



PRESENT:   Parish Councillors: G Edwards (GE), J Gilford (JMG), T Gilford (TWG),

T Glover (ToG – Chairman), J Golding (JFG), I Weaver (IW), Clerk – S Porter and 7 members of the public


    • Apologies Received – S Frost (SF), M Nightingale (MN), R Brown (NCC), John Vale



2.1       Declaration and nature of interest – Item 6.5  JFG (Trustee on Staverton Education Foundation Trust – Personal)

2.2       Consideration of dispensation requests received – Nil


    3.1 Sinead Turnbull & James Jackson Stops – DLP Planning Ltd (Client – Lavinia Rawlins & Family) – Plans were presented for the possible development of land, originally promoted in the SNDP, before the no sites proposal was approved. The development of 8 dwellings is line with the Housing Needs Surveys of both the Parish and DDC. 25% of the development will be affordable homes, with 1 shared ownership. The planning application is expected to coincide the adoption of the SNDP, around June/July 2019.  Only half the field is to be used, with no plans for the remainder of the field to be developed. This land is outside the village confines but is adjoining land to the parish.  The planning application must comply with the Joint Core Strategy, DDC’s Local Plan and the Staverton NDP.  A covenant currently exists on the land will be need to be removed, as the bank to which it relates is no longer there.



4.1      Reports from members of the public – Nil

4.2      Reports from District & County Councillors – R Frost (DDC) advised that the Reach for Health Rehabilitation Centre and the Cinema have been given the go ahead by DDC Planning Committee.  The retail park development has been put on hold.  The Catesby bridge project has also been withdrawn.  JMG reported that she is no longer a member of the West Northants Steering Group, which has been set up prior to the Unitary Joint Committee.  She has been replaced by Adam Brown, who is a District and County Councillor, so has two votes.



5.1      APPROVE MINUTES of the Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 5th February 2019

Reports from District & County Councillors – According to JFG, this is not reported as JMG said it. The presentation was much more of an edited version of this text. ToG has offered the recording of the meeting to JFG to review the content, which was minuted by the notes taken by the Clerk.  This will be reviewed at the April PC Meeting.









The following amendments were proposed by JFG, seconded by JMG and with these approved all voted in favour to approve the minutes as an accurate record of the meeting and were signed and dated by the Chairman.


Item 7.2   Recording of Parish Council Meetings – JFG and JMG have had difficulty contacting each other. JFG asked that a revised contact list should be circulated by the Clerk as the present list is not up to date.

Item 7.3  Staverton Neighbourhood Development Plan (SNDP) –  A change was requested to Q10 regarding the Pocket Park, which was amended and a drawing will be submitted with the response showing the area of the Park in the ownership of the Parish Council.

Item 7.4   Staverton Village Charities/Staverton Reading Room Trust – There is no investment of the funds held and a query was raised over the eligibility of the trustees on the Trust. ToG will investigate.   JMG has reviewed the latest Staverton Relief in Need accounts. JFG proposed that the Charity be asked to review the accounts submitted at the Annual Parish Meeting, as in the PC’s opinion these do not balance, seconded by IW and all voted in favour.   It will also be asked as to how the village community has benefited from the grants provided, as this has been very successful recently.

Item 8.4  Street Lighting Representative update (JFG) – JFG proposed that when two or more street lights are reported as faulty, these be reported in to the contractors for repair forthwith.



6.1       Traffic Calming scheme for the Village – DDC Grant Application – The full amount of the grant has now been approved by DDC for the total sum of £16,212.66 following a motion put forward by JMG.  The vote was approved at DDC by 12 votes to 7. The drawdown of the grant is payable in full upon receipt of invoices supplied to DDC.  NCC could assist with the purchasing of the equipment, but this would then be subject to a 6.4% handling fee.  For the 50mph speed limit works, east of the village, NCC have agreed to underwrite the funds, otherwise Kier would not commence the work.  NCC would then invoice DDC direct.  The legal work involved, for traffic orders and licences takes around 6 months to process.  JMG proposed that NCC be asked to waive the handling fee, seconded by GE and all voted in favour.  In the meantime, the Clerk will produce a cash flow chart to show how the PC could fund the project should the drawdown not be agreed.

6.2       Playing Field – Vehicle Access Gate – 2 posts are now in place, with just the gate to now be fitted.

6.3       Parish Defibrillator – MN will deal with the suppliers of the replacement batteries upon her return.

6.4       Toilet Facilities & Parking Issues – Drayton Grange Juniors Football Pitches – JMG proposed that a further letter is sent, as no reply has been received as yet, seconded by IW and with 5 votes in favour and 1 abstention (JFG). A copy will also be sent to Northants FA.

6.5       Staverton Relief in Need & Staverton Reading Room Trust Accounts – The Clerk will send a letter to the Relief in Need and ask them to review the accounts submitted at the Annual Parish Meeting, as in the PC’s opinion these do not balance.  It will also be asked as to how the village community has benefited from the grants provided, as this has been very successful recently.

There were some doubts raised by JFG as to the eligibility of the trustees on the Reading Room Trust.  ToG will investigate.



7.1       Proposed Purchase of Recording Equipment for Parish Council Meetings/Clarification of Minutes Policy No 002 – JFG has researched the equipment required and has proposed the Phillips Digital Audio Recorder for the sum of £159.00 plus VAT.  JMG has concerns that this device does not provide the facility to encrypt the data before posting online.  GE will investigate and report back at the April meeting.  JFG proposed that the minutes produced adhere to the SPC Minute Policy and be brief and concise, seconded by GE and with 5 votes in favour and 1 abstention (IW). Carried.




7.2       Staverton Neighbourhood Development Plan (SNDP) – Examiners Report – This report has been circulated to the PC.  DDC have also produced their comments along with the Examiners, and these will be reviewed at a workshop on Tuesday 12th March, with the PC’s comments submitted to DDC the following day.  DDC have suggested the timetable for the Plan; to be presented to the DDC Strategy Group on 11th April, then to the full council in May.  JMG proposes that the PC approve the DDC timetable, and that approval is given to submit the PC’s comments following the review of the Examiners report and DDC comments at the workshop next week, seconded by TWG and with 5 votes in favour and 1 abstention (JFG). Carried.

7.3       Clerk’s Appraisal – Policy Review – JMG proposed that the Policy be altered so that the Chairman and Vice Chairman undertake the Annual Appraisal, seconded by TWG and with 5 votes in favour and 1 against (JFG). Carried.

7.4       Staverton Spring Clean – Saturday 6th April 10am – Meeting in the Vets Car Park.

7.5       The Aunt Joy Family Trust – Future Plans for the Retained Land in Croft Lane – The family would like to attend a PC meeting to advise of the intentions for the land in Croft Lane, there are currently no formal plans in place, but they would like to gauge public opinions. ToG proposed that they be invited to attend a PC meeting, seconded by TWG and all voted in favour.  JFG stated that precedence has now been set as another landowner addressed the PC with their proposals earlier in the meeting this evening.



8.1       Grass Mowing Representative update (JFG) – The Clerk has advised the contractor of the 2.5% RPI increase for 2019.  This will also be confirmed by letter.  JFG proposed that he will contact Mike Freeman, the mowing contractor, and agree a start date for the grass cutting season, seconded by IW and all voted in favour.

8.2       Highways Representative update (SF) – The damaged sign of Windmill Gardens has been reported to DDC.

8.3       Playing Field Representative update (TWG) – A working party has been arranged for Sunday 7th April.

8.4       Street Lighting Representative update (JFG) – The latest upgrade has been delayed as

E-On arrived on site with the wrong wall brackets.

8.5       Police Liaison Representative update (GE) – There has been no updates on the website since December 2018.  A garage in Windmill Gardens was broken into recently and evidence of legal highs being used in Church Street.  The Staverton Watch is now up and running. Details on how to join will be updated on the website.

8.6       Rights of Way Representative update (GE) – No problems to report.  NCC Rights of Way Team have not yet responded to the Well Lane steps being repaired.






Planning DA/2019/0088 Stonedge, Manor Road, Staverton Installation of flue and condensation pipe on side elevation for replacement boiler (retrospective)
  JFG proposed to support the application, seconded by ToG and all voted in favour.
9.2 Planning DA/2019/0089 Stonedge, Manor Road, Staverton Listed Building Consent for Installation of flue and condensation pipe on side elevation for replacement boiler
  JFG proposed to support the application, seconded by ToG and all voted in favour.



9.3 Planning DA/2019/0113 Hungerbarn, The Orchard, Staverton Conversion of attached outbuilding to residential accommodation and changes to elevational treatment and fenestration
  JFG proposed no objections to the application provided the conversion remains as a self-contained dwelling, seconded by TWG and all voted in favour.
9.4 Withdrawn DA/2017/0973 Skylarks Fields Farm, Shuckburgh Road, Staverton Two storey extension to agricultural dwelling
9.5 Approval DA/2018/1066 Plot 4, Whitmill Hill Farm, Badby Lane, Staverton Amended house type for Plot 4



10.1     Finance Update (TWG) – Nothing to report


ToG proposed that the following accounts be paid, seconded by GE and all voted in favour (IW left the room, so abstained)


10.2 Type Reference Payee Detail Gross




  Payment Chq 773 S Porter Salary £192.70

Expenses £37.50

February 2019

£230.20   LGA 1972 s112
  Payment Chq 774 Aylesbury Mains Street Lighting Repairs x 2 £123.84 £20.64 PCA1957 s3
  Payment Chq 775 LGSS Law Legal Costs – Gas Site £  19.34 £3.22 LGA 1972 s111


  • Income received:

Barn Rent Arrears                   £        5.00

Barn Rent                               £      91.67

Interest                                    £        0.12

Total                                       £      96.79 


  • Bank account balances as at 02.19:

HSBC Business                      £ 8,640.44

HSBC Deposit                        £    702.72

Total                                        £ 9,343.16

Uncashed cheques                 £        0.00

Total available                        £ 9,343.16

Less March Payments           £    373.38

            Bank Balance                       £ 8,969.78


  1. Clerk’s Correspondence

11.1      Formal Public Consultation on the Willoughby Draft Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) – Noted, but no effect to the Parish

11.2      Long Furlong Farm, Catesby – Change of use from agricultural barn to wedding venue – Noted, but no effect to the parish.


  1. WEBSITE (ToG)

12.1     Website Representative update – The website is regularly being updated.  The Clerk’s e-mail address will be changing and this is in hand.


Meeting Closed: 9:26pm