Draft Copy of the Staverton Neighbourhood Development Plan – Sections

The Staverton Neighbourhood Development Plan is nearing completion

As the draft document is too large to uploaded on to the website at present, each section is listed below separately.

Please note that the following sections are DRAFT only.

Work is ongoing and the draft plan is liable to alteration as neccesary.

For further information, please contact the Parish Clerk


Please click on one of the following sections to either view text or download:

Forward                                                         Downloadable Version

Section 1 – Introduction & Background          Downloadable Version

Section 2 – Process Summary                           Downloadable Version

Section 3 – Visions, Goals & Objectives          Downloadable Version

Section 4 – Staverton – Our Village                Downloadable Version

Section 5 – Conservation Area                       Downloadable Version

Section 6 – Neighbourhood Development Plan (to follow)

Section 7 – Policies   Downloadable Version

Section 8 – Appendix (to follow)