Staverton Parish Councils Response Submision

Emerging Draft Settlements and Countryside Local Plan

(Part 2) for Daventry District (November 2017)

Sustainability Appraisal Response Form

Daventry District Council is preparing a Part 2 Local Plan for the District which will supplement the West Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy and replace Saved policies in the Daventry District Local Plan 1997; it will cover the period up to 2029.  The Part 2 Local Plan is subject to a Sustainability Appraisal which has been produced as a main document and a Non-technical Summary. Comments are invited on the content of both documents.

The Sustainability Appraisal and Non-technical Summary are available to view electronically at:

You can inspect hard copies at Daventry District Council’s Offices and the District’s libraries during normal opening hours. In addition, we are holding exhibitions at the following venues during the consultation period, where members of the Local Strategy Team will be available to answer questions:


Venue Date Time
Weedon Village Hall Annex, West Street, Weedon Bec, NN7 4QU Tuesday 28th November 3pm-7pm
Naseby Village Hall, 17 Newlands, Naseby, NN6 6DE Wednesday 29th November 3pm-7pm
Moulton Library, Moulton Community Centre, Reedings, Moulton, NN3 7AX Thursday 30th November 2pm-6pm
Daventry Library, North Street, Daventry, NN11 4GH Friday 1st December 10am-6pm
Welford Village Hall, West Street, Welford, NN6 6HU Monday 4th December 3pm-7pm
Crick Old School, Church Street, Crick, NN6 7TP Tuesday 5th December 3pm-7pm
Long Buckby Community Centre, Station Road, Long Buckby, NN6 7QB Wednesday 6th December 3pm-7pm
Dryden Hall, School Street, Woodford Halse, NN11 3RL Wednesday 6th December 3pm-7pm
Brixworth Library,  Spratton Road, Brixworth, NN6 9DS Thursday 7th December 2pm-6pm

Guidance for completing the form

Please refer to the main Sustainability Appraisal and Non-technical Summary documents. It would be helpful if you could reference which document you are commenting on and which part.

If have any questions about the consultation or need help completing the form, please contact the Local Strategy Service on 01327 302559.

The consultation period starts on Monday 27th November 2017 and closes at 4.30pm on Friday 26th January 2018. Our preference is for electronic submissions, however, we will also accept hard copies. Please return your response form to the Local Strategy Service using the details below:

By e-mail:

By Post: Local Strategy Service, Daventry District Council, Lodge Road, Daventry, Northamptonshire, NN11 4FP


This form has two parts:

Part A – contact details

Part B – your representation. Please fill in a separate sheet for each representation you wish to make.

Part A: Contact Details


1. Contact DetailsWe need your contact details to take your comments into account. All comments will be made publicly available.
Agent (if applicable)  
Title Mrs
First name Sue
Last name Porter
Job title (where relevant) Clerk
Organisation (where relevant) Staverton Parish Council
Email (if provided we will always contact you this way)
Address 3 Packwood Close
City/Town Daventry
County Northamptonshire
Postcode NN11 8AJ
Telephone Number 01327 301570

The Council will only use your information for the purposes of the Part 2 Local Plan.  You will be placed on the consultation database and will receive updates on the progress of the Local Plan unless you indicate otherwise:

Please tick the box if you do not wish to receive updates on the progress of the Local Plan.

Part B: Please use a separate sheet for each representation

Please note all comments will be made publically available. If you do not have sufficient space in the boxes please continue on a separate sheet.


Does your comment relate to the Sustainability Appraisal  or Non-technical Summary?


Please tell us which part of the document you are commenting on and provide details of your representation below. Part (1, 2, 3A or 3B) or NTS Page number Paragraph number Table
Objective 5Daventry Town Centre      
 SPC were disappointed to see that a more robust approach has not been taken in relation to the policy development of Daventry Town in the area of retail and leisure.Over the last 40 years the town has gradually declined with many villagers commenting that it ‘use to be very easy to get to Daventry (Staverton had an hourly bus service which has been cut to one a day) and there was a wealth of choice in relation to the retail and leisure offer”.

Disappointingly, Staverton has witnessed the closure of the open air pool, pitch and put course, cinema, and many shops.

The recent opening of BM’s in Daventry has demonstrated how retail can rejuvenate an area, evidenced by the fact what was once an often empty care park you now struggle to find a place to park in.

Of more concern is that over the last ten/twenty years there has supposedly been a Daventry Masterplan/Vision which has promised a better offer in the Town which has simply not materialised, yet all round us other towns have seen upgrading of facilities, not the loss of facilities (Banbury/Rugby).

SPC would like to see more emphasis on a vigorous policy approach which will enable the delivery of improved retail/leisure facilities and infrastructure as opposed to the decline that has transpired.

Does your comment relate to the Sustainability Appraisal or Non-technical Summary?


Please tell us which part of the document you are commenting on and provide details of your representation below. Part (1, 2, 3A or 3B) or NTS Page number Paragraph number Table
Settlement Hierarchy      

SPC would like to congratulate DDC on the hard work that has gone into the production of all the documents in relation to the plan. There is a very good suite of documents that encompasses a model and principles that seem fair.

They commend the council on the use of both quantitative and qualitative assessments and feel by using the two types of assessment this is the best way of establishing the correct hierarchy to place each settlement within the appropriate category.

It is noted that there is in fact, not that much difference, in policy between the hierarchy levels and that the hierarchy is supported overall by a strong framework. Therefore, SPC are not of a mind as to which settlement it falls in.

However, SPC would like to point out the following anomalies in the quantitative and qualitative assessments:


(1)   Staverton has a daily bus service consisting of one bus service a day not the seven that are listed. Furthermore the service sees two buses a day Monday to Friday one leaving at 7:30am in the morning to Leamington and one at 6:15pm in the evening resulting in the position it is not possible to get a daily return to Daventry.

(2)   The village no longer has a shop as Skylarks (the local farm shop) has closed


(3)   Staverton has been listed as having a cricket pavilion, but this has in fact burned down


(4)    M Davies, a local business, has been listed three times where it is in fact just the one business

(5)   Furniture First has B8 storage and therefore does not have individuals employed on the site but is a transitional station


(6)   The rural enterprise scheme listed is in fact a voluntary organisation

We therefore ask that DDC correct the anomalies listed above and ensure the assessment is factually correct .

In addition it has been noted that regardless of the amount of service/facility a village has eg. 1 pub or 4 pubs the score awarded is the same.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the form.

Please return it to the Local Strategy Service at Daventry District Council

by 4.30pm on Friday 26th January 2018.