Staverton Windmill?

This is believed to be a photo of the Staverton Windmill dating back to before 1900.

If anyone can supply any further information regarding it, can they please contact Tony Glover via the Parish Council please.

Further to the replies we’ve had from residents in the village, it seems that there were two structures of historical interest in the parish.

The first is the probable site of the original Post Mill (windmill) which is believed to have stood on the hill above Skylark Fields farm. However, no sign of this has been detected so far.

The other structure is probably a communications tower situated on top of The Clump to the East of the village. It’s believed to have been erected at the same time as the Weedon Barracks to enable signals to be sent to King George 3rd in event of an invasion of the French around 1800. The base of the structure was still visible up until the 1950’s.

However, if you have any additional information, it  would be gratefully received.