Staverton Neighbourhood Development Plan Working Group Meeting 8th March 2016

Staverton Neighbourhood Development Plan Working Group Meeting

held on 8th March 2016 at 7.00pm in Village Hall



Tony Glover (TG)

Karen Edwards (KE)

Deb Scott (DS)

Anna Manning (AM)

Jay Holliday (JH)

Rupert Frost (RF)


Carolyn Wilson


The list of deliveries was given a final check and updated to ensure that all properties in the parish were included.  It was agreed to keep an eye on any unoccupied properties that become occupied before the end of the process.  Delivery lists were then handed out.

Questionnaires were handed out, plus three spares to each, to be used in the event of a mishap occurring.  In addition labels were attached to the envelopes detailing the return address for the questionnaires that were not being collected.


 We welcomed Rupert Frost who joined us tonight for the first time.  He very kindly agreed to help with the part of the plan covering the history of the village.  A discussion then took place with regard to new volunteers.  It was agreed that whilst new volunteers were very welcome, they must reside and have a postcode within the parish.  An email would be sent to each volunteer.

Other Business

(TG) explained the process of obtaining the next trench of funding and the need to collect the receipts to present to the parish council.  It was also agreed that if any member of the group had needed to purchase a printer ink cartridge for SPNPWG printing, that they submit their receipts.

Date of Next Meeting

 Date:  Tues 22nd March

Time:   7pm

Venue:  Village Hall